We Saved Each Other

When I met you I was adrift,

I was lost in a sea of despair,

Floating around with no direction or place to go,

You came along and pulled me to shore,

Your love made me feel like I never have before,

I drifted for years not knowing where to go.

I loved you from the moment I met you,

And that will never change,

We spent our time together loving and laughing,

It was the best time of my life,

We saved each other from out strife.

We couldn’t keep it going,

After a while, it became too hard,

We couldn’t be together forever,

You saved my life and made me complete,

I helped make you better from feeling unmoored,

We made each other feel loved,

Your confidence grew,

It made you more beautiful to me and others,

The only other thing that eclipsed your beauty was my love for you

But in the end, we had to part,

Our love was not meant to be,

And that broke my heart.

You moved on and left me behind,

Your life is a happy one, and I love you more,

You don’t need me anymore.

So now I sit here thinking of you,

And the love we once shared,

It has been hard not to miss you,

But because of you I no longer feel despair.

Even though you are gone,

My love will remain,

I will not be adrift again,

Just remember, whenever there is doubt,

I love you more than anything else,

You have a place in my heart that I will never clear out.


via Daily Prompt: Adrift


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