Interesting day

It has been another busy day today. It was a good day as well as one of interesting situations that I need to think about.

First off, we, the wife and I, took the little one out for the day. We decided that we would go shopping since I got my last pay from my job today and it contained about two weeks’ holiday on top of everything else. I decided that we could each take £100 each to spend on absolutely anything we wanted, it didn’t matter how stupid, useless or incredibly awesome it was (or in the wife’s case clothes)

It is a lot harder than you think it is to spend money on yourself just getting what you want no matter what it is. I actually had to be convinced to buy the following


In my defence, R2D2 and BB8 are awesome and when the little one gets older, we are going to have some great fun playing with them. I love having a baby I can buy all the cool stuff I want and say it’s for her. It’s so freeing.

On the downside when we got home the wife got a call from her mother who told her that her aunt won’t be with us much longer. She has cancer, and they have basically said that its game over she won’t last much longer, but they can’t say how much longer she has, could be a day or a week or a few months no one knows. So that was a downer on a good day that we have had out.

So yeah that was what happened today. It was a good day until the end.


Oh wait,


There is one more thing that happened today.


I got an email from the publishers that I sent my book to….




Unfortunately, there is a catch, they have offered me a contribution based contract, where I would have to pay out a sum of, as yet unconfirmed, money.

This was a bit of a blow, as you can imagine, but it is also really encouraging that they think my Novel is good enough to be published.

_20170524_233857(actual excerpt from the email)

I got the email from them just as we arrived at the shopping centre so after a little thought and discussing it with my wife I sent them a reply asking to see the contract and review it before making any decisions on what to do going forward.

Now I had a bit of a brainwave while we were at the shops. I went into Waterstones (which is the largest chain of bookstores in the UK, In the US Barns and Noble would be the equivalent) to have a look for any books there by that publisher, to get an idea of the quality of print, bindings and covers produced by the company.

I must admit I was more than a little discouraged to not find any. I spoke to the manager of the store and explained why I was asking. He seemed a more than a shocked at the fact I have been asked to pay something up front.

He looked them up on the system and found out that they don’t have anything at all from this particular publisher.

I fund this a bit strange that any publisher would not want to have their products for sale in the largest chain of bookshops in the country.

So, after chatting with the manager of the store he and I are both under the impression that, while they are a reputable publisher, it seems that it would be up to me to get the books into bookshops.

Now, this is not something that I would have any idea how to do, so the plan is I am going to wait until the contract come through and study it to find out exactly what I would be signing up for before I make my decision.

In the mean time, I am going to start sending it out to agents to see where I can go from there.


Well, that’s been my day.

Now off to bed.


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11 thoughts on “Interesting day

      1. Ok… yes… a little bit….
        Since you’re the person I have the most interaction with these past few days, I figured I should get to know your recent past a little better…. LOL You know, to have good conversation subjects in case I run out of silly stuff to say! 😉

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