I’ve quit

It has been a week since I got made redundant from work and it has been a busy week. 

I have written about this a few times already see my previous posts

But the one thing I haven’t mentioned in these post is that, now because I have left work I have also stopped smoking. 

I have been wanting to stop ever since we found out the wife was pregnant. And since the little one was born I have only smoked at work. The only reason I kept smoking there is because I was not allowed to take my Vape on site with me. 

So now I have not has a cigarette since last Friday and even then I only had one. 

I am still keeping calm

and haven’t had any cravings, probably because I have my Vape, but yeah that’s my achievement for the week. 

I’ve stopped smoking. 

All for this one

I tried to work in the word Infuse into this but failed miserably  

via Daily Prompt: Infuse


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