This morning I hit 200 followers on WordPress and I just wanted to say a big thank you to you all.  It means a lot to me that so many of you read my ramblings and stories.  I know it’s not much,considering how many there are on here, a drop in the ocean really, but […]

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It’s been a day of thought 

So today was my 33rd birthday, so naturally,  I have spent the day thinking about the changes in my life and what I have achieved.  A lot has changed in the last 12 months but some things haven’t. The obvious change is that I now have my daughter in my life and I can’t imagine […]

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Revisiting History

Today we let my sister take care of the little one and the wife, and I went off to look at a bit of local and national history. It wasn’t a sunny day so thankfully most of it was indoors. We went to Bannockburn to visit the site of the Battle of Bannockburn. This was the site […]

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I’ve been writing a lot about changing recently and how no one is ever the same.  I think I put a YouTube video in one of my previous posts, a clip from Doctor Who, it was of the speech that Matt Smith (the Eleventh Doctor) gives before his regeneration and that speech really speaks to […]

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Ding round two. BATTLE TIME. 

The battle is heating up Cyranny upped the anti last night. Now it’s my turn.  Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen it’s time for take off.  You may notice there has been slight change to the crew.  Welcome aboard purrrrrfect air  Will not check you in and see you to your seats.  if you would like any drinks […]

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Battle time. 

Ok so I have taken up a meme war with Cyranny over at The Cove.  You’ve met your Match when it comes to cat memes my friend  You think you can beat me in a cat meme battle?  I’m bringing out the big guns  You don’t want to mess with Mr Tibbles Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hooman. It’s almost […]

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Kids are creepy as hell

Anyone who has even glanced at my blog will know that I have a six month old baby girl.  Now until she was born I’ve never really liked kids. They are a bit insane and creepy at times.  Today I came across these stories. Now these are creepy  Fair Warning these may make you cringe with fear […]

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Life never works how you think

Life never works out the way you planned it. When I was younger, I was completely useless with most things I never really figured out where I fit in in life. I was always the outsider, I never belonged to any particular group I floated around, I would talk to everyone, but for the most […]

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Personality tests. 

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and we got to discussing personality traits.  It reminded me of a personality test that I took at some point last year, recommended another friend of mine.  I’ve never really put much stock in personality tests thinking that they are tantamount to mumbo-jumbo but […]

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First Father’s Day 

Happy Fathers day to all the dads out there.  This is my first one as a dad and I got this from my beautiful baby girl  I love the wee bear and I know that she will end up adopting him but right now it’s made me so happy.  Much better than a bottle of aftershave  I […]

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The sun hates me 

Today was the Galaday here and I got forced to go to take the little as it’s her first one  For those who don’t know a galaday is a thing that happens every year it’s for the kids in the primary schools and the have a Queen and her Court a parade through the town […]

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Magic Baby

 I know that I keep harping on about my sore back but it’s been playing on my mind a lot as you can imagine so it’s what I’m writing about. The other thing happened this week was that I got a nice wee tax rebate (woo hoo free money) so today since my back has […]

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I survived

Today was a challenging day. As I have said for the last week I have been suffering from severe back pain. To the point that I have barely been able to move more than five feet or stand up without excruciating pain. The pain killers that the doctor has had me on have been knocking […]

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This speaks Volumes

I’ve been wondering a lot recently about what I am doing to with my life.  I don’t know my place in the world anymore and I’m not that same person I was.  Watching an old episode of The Simpsons earlier this spoke volumes to me   I may not know what I’m doing but I know why […]

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I may be too old to get it… 

So here we are, day three of sleeping on the couch. I hate my stupid back it’s hurting like hell still and the pain killers are giving temporary relief and then knocking me out cold.  So I’ve been spending a lot of time watching random crap on YouTube and reading the comments. You will never […]

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Overwhelming guilt 

I made a huge mistake today and the guilt is eating me up.  I was trying to cut the little ones nails and she moved and I took a huge chunk out of her thumb. The blood went everywhere and she was screaming. I have never panicked as much in my life. I feel so […]

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Batman has left us. 

I don’t normally post things like this but today there was the sad revelation that the man behind the infomus cowl has passed away.  Adam West has hung up the Cape for the last time.  I seen it on the news earlier that he passed away from leukemia and age 88.  For me he will always be […]

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It’s happened again.

 Today has been a horrible day.  Back in November I threw my back out and could barley move.  Well yesterday it started getting sore again and low and behold this morning at 5:30am, after probably an hour and a half sleep,  I had to get up to go to the loo and it took me […]

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Catch up already. 

I came across this picture tonight.  And I thought that nothing could be closer to the truth of life.  If you have loved and lost someone, lost them for any reason, the rational side of you, your Brain, knows the reason why and accepts this and tries to move on its all very clean cut […]

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Why we Fight 

When I sleep there is no peace in the middle of the night, The world keeps running around in my mind, There are so many thing that want to come out, There is no respite, No chance of leaving it all behind, When the wind howls and the night closes in, The darkness follows leaving […]

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Today I don’t feel like myself, for some reason I feel down and distant.  Its as if something is missing in my life, I just don’t feel happy at all.  So it probably wasn’t a great idea watching Pixars Inside Out.  For anyone who hasn’t seen it, it is the story of a young girl named […]

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