Why we Fight 

When I sleep there is no peace in the middle of the night,

The world keeps running around in my mind,

There are so many thing that want to come out,

There is no respite,

No chance of leaving it all behind,

When the wind howls and the night closes in,

The darkness follows leaving the light far behind.

But the darkness can’t keep the light at bay for long,

When the light breaks the darkness will be gone,

We revel in the light it helps the world grow,

There is life to live out of the shadows where the demons dwell,

It’s easier to fight them in them while bathed in the sun,

Then the darkness closes back in,

The demons get stronger,

The fight continues on,

But for how much longer?

Taking on the fight we either get stronger or give in,

Some revel in the fight and go looking for them,

Taking on the demons of those who don’t have the fight left in them,

The battle is hard and leaves you exhausted,

But it’s a battle that has to be won,

Finding the strength to carry on is hard to do,

The exhaustion will make you believe the fight is over,

That it’s not worth carrying on,

The darkness follows leaving the light far behind,

It can’t banish the light forever my friend,

The light will come back,

If you can’t wait until it does,

Take my strength I will fight for you,

I’ll be here, battling for you until the end.

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