Catch up already. 

I came across this picture tonight. 

And I thought that nothing could be closer to the truth of life. 

If you have loved and lost someone, lost them for any reason, the rational side of you, your Brain, knows the reason why and accepts this and tries to move on its all very clean cut and rational. End of story right? 

Then there is the heart. What can I say about the heart? The heart is a complete and utter idiot. 

You have gone through everything rationally, you’ve made the right decision and ended things in the best way you possibly could 

Then this little bastard steps in 

He gets beat up constantly and never learns from his mistakes. 

He doesn’t listen to the Brain and just ends up getting hurt all over again. 

He will learn eventually, I’m still waiting but I have hope, it will learn to the brain eventually and finally we will have peace. 
I have no idea why I ranted so much but there you have it. 


12 thoughts on “Catch up already. 

  1. Amen! I asked my doctor to get that stupid thing removed… but he said you had to be a lawyer in order to have the procedure approved… That sucks, I am not going back to school!

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          1. It’ll never be dark enough…. Mouahahahahaha!! Then again, just thought about it… Vampyres don’t see themselves in mirrors, do they?

            Problem solved! Next question!!

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