Monetising your blog and bragging about it. (RANT)

Today I have had enough; there are a few blogs that I have been following that I am now no longer following.

This has been due to one reason and one reason only. Making posts bragging about how much money you are making off of your blog.

Now don’t get me wrong I have absolutely no issue with people making money off of their blogs, in fact, it is something I have been looking into myself. My big problem is when you start making posts with a breakdown of how much revenue you are bringing in and where from.

While I have enjoyed reading the blogs that I am talking about, I find this blatant flaunting of the money you are making extremely crass, self-indulgent and of poor taste.


Frankly, if you want to earn money from your blogs, then I wish you all the best and nothing but success but don’t be putting up posts bragging about how much you have made each month.

It is just crass.

16 thoughts on “Monetising your blog and bragging about it. (RANT)

  1. My blog income is the same as my regular yearly income….
    0$ hahahahha
    I dont have a job…
    I understand that people like to hear HOW other bloggers monetize their blogs but I agree, specific amounts aren’t particularly important.

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    1. Hahahahaha thats my income just now as well, excluding brew money.
      Yeah exactly I have no issue with people saying how they make money off their blogs like I said my problem is the few who every week or month put up a post saying exactly how much they have made and from where.
      And it’s not all just jealously

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