It’s happened again.

 Today has been a horrible day. 

Back in November I threw my back out and could barley move. 

Well yesterday it started getting sore again and low and behold this morning at 5:30am, after probably an hour and a half sleep,  I had to get up to go to the loo and it took me ten minutes to get out of bed and then by the time I got to the bottom of the stairs, 11 steps, I felt like my back and right leg were on fire. 

It was that bad I collapsed on the couch writhing in agony so the wife had to call an ambulance for me. 

Unfortunately they deemed it not serious enough to send one so I had to suffer the pain until my doctors opened and I had to go and see them. 

The worst thing is that because of the pain I couldn’t pick up my daughter, I couldn’t play with her and I could barley hold her for more than five minutes. 

Its been heart breaking, and she has been looking at me all day, when she or I weren’t sleeping, as if to say “daddy, why aren’t you playing with me? What have I done?” 

That hurts so much worse than the pain in my back. She’s 6 months old next Saturday, god that’s gone fast, so she can’t understand why I haven’t been playing with her. And honestly that had almost destroyed me. 

Right now I have asked my mum to take her for the night because, we had planned on going out to see Wonder Woman but I’m in no fit state and if this goes anywhere near as bad as the last time I don’t want to put her through hearing me screaming in agony all night. 

So yeah today has been a hard day and my back still feels really tender and my heart is breaking. 

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14 thoughts on “It’s happened again.

  1. I hope it improves soon. I too have suffered with my back “going out” and the pain is horrific! 😃🦉


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