I survived

Today was a challenging day. As I have said for the last week I have been suffering from severe back pain. To the point that I have barely been able to move more than five feet or stand up without excruciating pain. The pain killers that the doctor has had me on have been knocking me out completely for at least an hour after I taken them.

So today it has been challenging because the wife had to go off for an appointment so I was left at home with the little one while she was off out for the day. 

Now I do have more movement today than I have done over the last week but it’s still limited and really hurts to lift and bend or even stand.

So I decided not to take any of the pain killers today so that I was as alert as I could be when dealing with her. 

I will admit freely that I was worried if I was going to be able to take care of her on my own in my current condition but I managed it.

She cried for half an hour after her mum left, then was really sick and needed to be charged. I managed to take care of all of that on my own through the excruciating pain.

Its amazing the pain you can suffer through when you have a helpless baby to take care of who is reliant on you for everything.

So we managed it and both survived it was touch and go and I almost collapsed the pain but she finally fell asleep and I could try and ease the pain.

After that one of my cousins came through for a visit and to help out.

It was a good laugh and when the wife got home we ordered take out and watched the film Sing, which if you haven’t seen it you really should it’s very good, it has a rendition of the Elton John song I’m Still Standing which for me is appropriate today.

The I dropped her off at the train and drove home. Probably not my smartest idea considering but I did get to see this.

So all in all a good end to a rough day 

But this is what makes it totally worth while 

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