Ding round two. BATTLE TIME. 

The battle is heating up Cyranny upped the anti last night. Now it’s my turn. 

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen it’s time for take off. 

You may notice there has been slight change to the crew. 

Welcome aboard purrrrrfect air 

Will not check you in and see you to your seats. 

if you would like any drinks orders feel free to see out friendly staff 

There are some people at the back of the plane that seem to be having some issues if someone would like to help them. 

Passengers in first class enjoy your in flight meal

Now that has been solved we are ready for take off. 

Now that we have reached out cruising altitude after the successful Take off 

*a few hours later*

Thank you for flying purrrrrfect air we hope you enjoy your stay here in Moscow. The local time is 8pm

I have been your pilot today and now I’m off for a well earned break 

You’re move Cyranny. Good luck. 

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