It’s time for another rant. This time it’s political 

I don’t normally get political with my posts but on this one I feel I need to speak out on this one. 

For those that don’t know there was the snap election on the 8th of June here in the UK. 

The Tories, the party that was in power didn’t get enough seats in parliament to maintain their majority they were 8 seats short. 

So it’s a hung parliament. 

So they have made a deal with a party called the DUP who are a bunch of bigoted arseholes who are from Northern Ireland. They hate all gay rights think being gay should still be punishable by law, they are against the good Friday Agreement which put an end to the troubles in Northern Ireland and are generally arseholes. 

So Teresa May, the current prime minister who nobody voted in, has basically bribed these ten fuckers by promising them £1.5 billion in extra funding which now means that no other part of the UK will get any additional funding. 

So goodbye free tuition fees for university and college, good by free prescription from the NHS and goodbye god knows what else because this power hungry fucking bitch has made a deal with the devil. 

And to make things worse for herself, I’m sure you will have heard about the tower block in London that went up in flames killing hundreds of people and making even more homeless. 

Well it turns it that there are about another 600 at risk of the same thing.

But when it happend the leaders of all the political parties went to visit the victims, the Queen went so did price Charles and the others but not May. That bitch refused to go and see the victims pretty much saying that there is no point. 

Obviously she didn’t come out and say that but there you go. 

Everyone is gunning for her now and I think she will be ousted soon and probably another general election with in the next 6 months. 

Also the Queen made her annual speech to parliament to set out the new laws and agenda for the next year and she basically bitch slapped Teresa May. 

It was meant to be her “political coronation” but it was anything but. 

So yeah that’s my rant. Sorry to have bored you.  

7 thoughts on “It’s time for another rant. This time it’s political 

      1. Yes I’m very envious that other parts of the world don’t have the pumpkin but you’re right the world is going to shit


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