I am bored 

23 thoughts on “I am bored 

  1. Hiya Colin!
    Glad to participate. Here ya go, how fun!
    Personal question: What is your earliest memory?
    Random question: How many sugars do you like in your tea?
    Odd question: If you had to have two extra of any body part what body part would you choose?
    Here’s a creepy one: What color would you prefer your coffin liner to be?

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    1. Oh Kira I’ve missed you and your randomness. It’s good to hear from you.

      Earliest memory is being out in the back garden with a blue plastic sword cutting the heads off the neighbours potato’s she was growing
      I take 3 sugars in my tea
      Hmmm. That’s a hard one. I’d probably go with arms.
      A dark navy blue

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      1. I would but that would be some wierd explaining Id have to do if my hubby found it. “I swear I’m not stalking this Scottish guy. I’m doing it for the other ladies! ” not sure he’d buy it. Hahahaha

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