Revisiting History

Today we let my sister take care of the little one and the wife, and I went off to look at a bit of local and national history.

It wasn’t a sunny day so thankfully most of it was indoors.

We went to Bannockburn to visit the site of the Battle of Bannockburn.

This was the site where Robert The Bruce fought off the English Invaders lead by King Edward II and stomped their arses home.

It was 700 years ago, and you can still feel the atmosphere of the area.

The battle was brutal costing many lives, but in the end, they won the biggest battle in Scottish history.

It changed the way live today.

I took some pictures that I want to share.



Also bought these for the little one



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2 thoughts on “Revisiting History

  1. Great pictures. For an Englishman living in Aberdeenshire, I find the history of the Scots sad and inspiring in equal measures. Having a Scottish wife and 7 Scottish children, I laid down my arms a long time ago! The Highland cow slippers look cosy on the wee one’s feet!

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