Am I a good person? 

That question has been weighing on my thoughts tonight. 

I’ve been talking to a friend who recently broke up with her boyfriend and there is a guy sniffing about already, I’ve told her to be careful as most guys will be after the one thing. 

Its well established between us that I am not like most guys, I’ve been told I’m an aberration, I told her that all guys are scum in some way. 

That got me thinking about myself and am I a good person?

With all the things that I have done in my life, the choices I’ve made, and the things that I have done. Am I a good person? 

I try to be. 

But I don’t think I am. 

Right now it’s something to think about. 

With everything in my past, am I a good person? 

53 thoughts on “Am I a good person? 

            1. Yeah, I’ve been working in different call centers over the last 19 years (or so… Aouch, that just hurt….) and I laugh in the face of people who still don’t believe it – about the full moon, people usually believe that I work in a call center 😛

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            2. LOL told you, I was old!

              I don’t know how I did… Maybe a mix of being masochist, crazy and patient. I have worked in different call centers too, the change is good, every couple of years. I worked for directory assistance, teleconference, ambulance dispatch, customer service and technical support…. Fun times! LOL

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            3. Yeah not that much older I’m guessing. 😛
              I did the same longest I lasted in one was 2 and a half years. Done everything you said there except the ambulance dispatch. Word of advice never work for a bank.
              See I never learned the patience thing or the “being nice to people thing” my general philosophy in life is you talk to me like a prick you’ll get the same back.
              For some reason that doesn’t go over too well in call centres.
              Don’t use me as an example of dealing with working in there I fell heavily in to depression had a complete emotional meltdown and almost killed myself. So yeah not the best example of how to deal with it.

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            1. I’d forget the name in 5 sec. anyhow…
              If only we were all narcissists, then we’d all think we were awesome.
              I suppose no one would be able to stand to socialize then though.

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            2. My day isn’t so hard now that they are grown ish. I am also someone who enjoys just being home doing whatever, so that helps. With my first I spent most days either camped out on the floor on a blanket just playing, changing, feeding her or I went to a friend’s house who had babies and socialized a little. With my second I was also taking care of my great-aunt who had Parkinson’s 24/7 so I had to be on a schedule for everything, the days went by pretty quick. The best thing is keep to a schedule as much as possible, everyone is happiest that way.

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            3. Well that makes sense. That’s how I’ve mostly spent today, on the floor playing with her. I don’t know anyone else with kids so that’s no use.
              Schedule is a good plan once she shifts the cold she’s choked up with

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            4. Oh it’s not just tissues. The. Baby wipes as well honestly I put her up to change her nappy and she’s squirming all over the place trying to get the wipe and they go straight in the mouth after a thorough examination.

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            5. Hey at least she’s smart enough to examine first! Lol
              Did I ever tell you the story of my son dipping his finger into the milk that had leaked into the bottom of the dairy fridge at the grocery store. He tasted it before I could stop him.

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