The Rain Comes Down

The rain comes down,
Soaking the ground,
We sit there watching it fall,
Wondering what to do next,
Looking over at you I see the sadness in your soul,
I feel the depths of what’s been tormenting you,
I’d give everything I have to take the pain away,
You look up at me, blinking the tears from your eyes,
Mixing them with the rain.

Pulling you close pressing your body against mine,
I whisper in your ear the three words you’ve been longing to hear,
Your lips are tender and soft,
Filled with passion and love,
I’ve never know anything like,
Anything else will never be enough,
You push me back,
I pull you with me,
You let me in,
And the pain melts away.

Your hips move and sway,
We rock together in time,
Looking in your eyes,
I see the fire kindle in your soul,
The pressure building,
Our bodies intertwine,
I feel your soul mixing with mine,
The fire erupts making us both quiver,
The rain falls on top of us,
I hold you tight and you shiver.

Your lips are soft and tender,
Your hair soaked through,
Pulling you closer to protect you from the weather,
I scoop you up,
Carry you in my arms,
My love for you is enteral,
It will protect you from harm,
I’ve wanted this since the day we met,
Love has done nothing but grow,
I’ve always been to scared,
But now you know,
My nerves have been jangling,
My heart wanting yours,
Now in my arms your hands are wrangling,
Through my hair,
You press closer to me,
You’ve wanted this as much as me,
Both of us worried the other would say no,
But now we both know,
Three little words was all it took,
Three words I’ve longed to say,
“I love you,”
Now I’ll tell you every day.

via Daily Prompt: Jangle


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