Day One. 

Well today has been a long interesting day. 

It has been the first day of me working as a full-time stay at home dad. It’s been a bit of a caper 

My wife went back to work today starting a new job and she started this morning. So that left me on my own with the little one. 

It’s been a difficult day. Both of us, the little one and I, are both choked with the cold. 

I have got zero energy and shes been grumpy all day, crying, and struggling to breath. Also not really been eating. 

Everyone knows what it’s like when you have the cold it’s hellish and it’s even worse watching your child go through it when she doesn’t understand what is going on. All she can do is cry. 

It is horrific to deal with. 

But it’s been an eventful day with a clingy baby I haven’t managed to get anything else done. The house is like a tip, dishes need done and house work in general needs to be done. 

But at the moment the wife is home, we’ve has dinner and the baby is asleep. 

So I’m exhausted. 

Tomorrow bring it on. *DING ROUND TWO*

You know what they say. KBO. (keep buggering on) 

4 thoughts on “Day One. 

  1. Sorry about the cold. It is hard to watch your child not feeling well. I can remember staying up all night holding my daughter, now 46, while she coughed uncontrollably. I felt worse than she did I think. It’s what you do as a parent. Good luck today.🌸

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