Saturday Night. 

I remember when a Saturday night was big deal. You would go out with friends, have something to eat then go out drinking and not get home until the wee hours of the morning. 

Some times sober some times not 

Or the other option would be to be working. 

I’ve never been a big drinker but I can hold my own and when I do drink I can drink most people under the table. 

Other option for a Saturday night is to go to the cinema and see the latest releases. 

That was my preferred night out. 

Saturday nights have changed. 

Tonight I spent the night sitting on the floor because I got kicked out of my seat 

And I also made ice cream from scratch for the first time (Strawberry) 

Now it’s 10.30 pm the wife and little one are in bed and I’m sitting here writing this post with a glass of milk, a doughnut and watching Batman the animated series on Amazon Prime. 

Life has definitely changed 

10 thoughts on “Saturday Night. 

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