I’m so proud. 

As of yesterday my baby girl is 7 months old. 

Where the hell has the time gone? 

It feels like she has always been here yet it also feels like last week we found out she was in existence. 

So tonight she was sitting on me and we were playing then this happened 

SHE STOOD UP!!!!!!!!! 
all on her own I was only balancing her she stood up all on her own. 

I’m so proud. 

10 thoughts on “I’m so proud. 

      1. It is a work of art and magnificence when babies make their first moves, the victory isn’t only within them it literally changes you as a parent. I am not a parent but I was the one by my mom’s side when she had her second pair of twins and seeing them grow until now (they are 2) has been such a joy. What was even more exciting was that the other one’s first word was my name

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