Letting Go, Facing the Void


It’s been going on for way too long,

I’ve been tormenting myself,

Thinking about what could have been,

Even long after you were gone,

I need to stop, I need to move on,

I can’t take this anymore,

All I’m doing is hurting myself.

You don’t know the pain that you caused,

It’s not your fault and you never wanted to do it,

But it happened because I couldn’t let go,

I clung on to you like a drowning man to a log.

At the beginning this saved me,

Helped me get to safer waters,

But now clinging on is putting me in danger,

Threatening to drag me down,

If I let go I know I’ll be safe,

But I can’t, letting go is hard,

Letting go of a life line sounds like a mental idea,

It has to be done, or I won’t survive,

So here I am on the edge of the void,

Do I let you go?

Or hold on for dear life knowing you won’t come back?

I know the sane choice,

But it’s also the hardest,

Letting the love go,

Letting go of the life line.

So here I stand ready to walk or jump,

Walking should be easy,

It’s just letting go,

Letting go of the life, we could have had,

Letting go of the future, I never grabbed,

When you put it like that, it’s not easy at all,

But not letting go will cause me to fall,

Fall into the darkness,

Destroying my soul,

Letting pain rule my life,

Causing nothing but strife.

Both options are bleak,

Neither is what I want,

But I want the pain to stop,

I still struggle to let go,

I feel like I’m standing on the edge of Mt Doom,

Ready to cast off the ring,

I know what I have to do,

But it has power over me.

It’s time to take the chance,

I hold on to you, my life line,

Holding you close, holding you tight,

Taking a deep breath,

“I love you” I whisper,

“But I have to let you go”,

I give you one last kiss,

Tears streaming down my face,

Looking into your eyes,

You smile back at me,

“I never wanted to cause you pain.”

“I know, I love you ”

I let you go watching you fall into the void,

I see your smile one last time,

Before the darkness consumes you.

Now I sit,

The pain in my heart swelling,

I know it’s for the best, but it doesn’t feel it,

“Goodbye my love, but I have to let you go,”

Standing I turn and head out of the darkness,

And out towards the light.


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