I’ve been cooking.

Today I have spent a lot of time in the kitchen.

This morning I got up, the wife had already dressed and fed the baby, we took the wife to work then I had to go to B&Q to buy some wood glue so that I can get the little one’s cot built over the weekend.

In B&Q the woman on the till and her friend were cooing over the baby because how could you not? She’s gorgeous (I may be biased, but that doesn’t mean it’s true)


We headed home, and I got the great idea to go the best food van in the area to get the best breakfast roll ever.

Square sausage and bacon.

This van basically puts half a pig on a roll. You get about 6 rashers of bacon and a very think square sausage and a half.

All the way down the road I was getting hungry and excited for my breakfast.

And when I got there… THEY WERE BLOODY WELL CLOSED 😤😤😤😤

The rage flowed through me. That may be shallow but its true

So disappointed I came home and had toast. Such a letdown.

After the little one and took a trip to the job centre so I could sign on (the joys of unemployment) we went shopping, and I picked up some things for me to make soup for the baby.

This is the first time that I have made soup for her, and she absolutely loved it. I found this website that has recipes for soup for babies, and I made her an Apple, carrot and potato soup. She guzzled it down.

I was so proud of myself. And she was so happy.

Personally, I really didn’t like the soup but she did, and that’s the main thing.

Last night I put up a post asking how to make fried chicken and the lovely Nel over at Reactionary Tales massively came through and gave me instructions on how to make extra crispy fried chicken.

And I have to say it worked out brilliantly.


It was delicious, this was my first time making something like this and it was the bomb.

So thank you Nel for the instructions was much appreciated


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