God damn cats cost me so much money today.


Today has been an expensive day thanks to the cats.

It started off as a good day, the little one stayed at my mum’s last night so we could have a break.

Last night we watched The Mummy with Tom Cruise and it was utter crap then we watched Creed which is an awesome film.

This morning got a long lie and didn’t get up until about half nine watched some TV had breakfast then the wife went for a shower and then shouted me from upstairs there was something wrong with Molly one of my cats so we took them both to the vet.


God only knows where they picked them up form. They are both house cats, they don’t get out, don’t have contact with other animals so God only knows how they got them.

Daisy seemed to be not as badly infested

But they both have them.

So the vet gave us a spray to fumigate the house and treatment which cost me about £45 then we had to go buy new bedding, new towels, cleaning products and a whole load of other stuff. Which came to about another £50.

And the little one has had to stay at my mum’s again tonight so that we can do all this.

So it’s been an expensive day and I don’t even get cuddles from the little one.

So yeah fun day.


6 thoughts on “God damn cats cost me so much money today.

  1. Sorry to read that, Colin… Never heard of house cats catching fleas. That’s so strange… I hope you’ll get a double share of cuddles today to make up for yesterday’s lack of!

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