Why we write

I write to keep myself sane,

Sanity is fleeting,

If you don’t fight for it, you’ll feel the pain,

So I write to keep myself going,

Knowing that it’s a ferocious battle,

It doesn’t take much for the madness to start to rattle,

It started for different reasons,

But I continue to keep myself sane,

I can’t forget my beginnings,

It’s what started me on this path,

Without this outlet, I don’t think I’d keep going,

I don’t think I could laugh,

I write for my sanity,

Even though most writers are nuts,

It’s a contradictory thing,

I do something that will drive me mad,

In an effort to keep me sane,

This could end up being bad,

But then again we are all a little mad,

That’s why we are writers,

Our brains work differently,

We don’t do it for others,

We do it for ourselves,

We do it for the stories that have to be told.


We control the stories,

We make them what we want,

We write what we know,

And we all know pain,

We write it down,

We make the world’s we want,

The world’s we control,

We can make it Gritty,

We can make it witty,

Through the pain and the grain,

Pouring our pain,

Our sorrow,

Our desires,

Our heartache,

Our joy,

Our happiness,

Our hopes and dreams,

Our love,

Forging the lives of our characters,

Moulding them, changing them,

We create the worlds we want to see,

We write the stories we want to read,

We are writers,

And we write for Sanity,

We write because it’s our lives that we write.

via Daily Prompt: Grainy


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  1. GANSU says:

    Very nicely written

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