The Call

{This is a story that I have been working on for a week or so now. I am trying to get back into writing, it’s been a while since I’ve written much, so this is my first attempt in a while. I am branching out into horror, this is a work in progress I hope you like it}



The shadows stretched across the room, throwing shapes on the wall. The wind howls sending chills up Jen’s spine. She huddles under her covers clutching her teddy bear to her chest, “For god sake woman! You are Twenty-Five years old and still afraid of the dark. What the hell is wrong with you?”

It wasn’t always like this until recently the dark never bothered her, it used to be comforting to her. It was the indication that the day was over and she could get some sleep. It was the time that she could be alone with her thoughts, where she could have some time to herself and not have to worry about the events of the day.

Sadly, that all ended two months ago.

Jen had been babysitting her nephew Bradley, it had been a good day, they had played about for the full day, played with his toys, went out for lunch and generally had fun.

His dad had picked him up, and it wasn’t until later that evening that she realised that he had left a few of his toys behind, thinking nothing of it, she packed them up, putting them away in the corner of the room.

Around Two am it happened.

A phone started ringing “what the fuck is that.” Jen says groggily as she reaches for her mobile phone on the bedside table. “Hello?” she says holding the phone to her ear.

But the ringing didn’t stop, looking around the room, it takes Jen a moment to realise that the noise is coming from the other room.

She goes searching for what is causing it so that she can shut it up and get back to sleep.

When she enters the room, she sees a red light flashing from the corner where her nephew’s toys were, “what the hell?” she walks over to the pile as the ringing gets louder.

The flashing and ringing intensified as she got closer to the corner, opening up the bag, that she put them in, and Bradley’s old toy phone was ringing.

“That’s not possible” it was one of the old Fisher Price rotary phones that always creeped her out as a kid.

And now there was one in her house ringing and flashing red ominously.

Reaching out to the receiver on top of it, her hands shaking, mouth dry she picks it up “Hello, Jennifer” comes a bone-chilling voice. She can feel the hatred in the words, “It’s been a long time,” the voice continued, “I hope you haven’t forgotten about me? I haven’t forgotten about you.”

Her eyes widen at the words, and she throws the phone at the wall as hard as she can, smashing it into pieces.

Panicking, Jen, scrambled across the room picking up the pieces and threw them into a bag, ran to the bin outside and dropped them in before running back inside, slamming the door shut, collapsing against it.

Hugging her knees close to herself, she starts rocking back and forth, tears streaming, her hands shaking uncontrollably.

“It can’t be, it just can’t be.” She mutters over and over, all night.

The sun has risen and is high in the sky before she finally moves from her position at the door.


Jen got out of the house as soon as she could, heading back to her brother’s house with the toys that Bradley had left at her house, she wanted to get them as far away from her, and her house, as was possible.

She sat in the kitchen with her brother staring at her cup of tea, trying to process what had happened the night before.

“Tom. Do you remember that imaginary friend we had as kids?” she asked.

Tom froze in his tracks, his back straightened and he slowly turned to Jen, his eyes wide with panic. “Jen, you swore you would never bring that thing up again.” His voice quivered as he said this.

Taking a deep breath, “I know, but-“

“Dammit, Jen.” He snaps and smashes the cup he was holding in the sink.

Tears streaming down her face, she stands up, shaking, “Tom, he called me last night.”

What little colour that was left in his face drained out of it. “How?” he uttered.

“It was Bradley’s toy phone, it was ringing, which is impossible, and it was flashing red. I picked it up, and it was His voice.”

Tom barely made it to his seat before his legs came out from under him. “What did it say?”

She recited what was said and that she smashed the toy phone to pieces. They sat there in silence for what seemed an eternity.

“Are you sure it was him?”


The silence stretched again.

“What now?”

Jen stares at her cup for a few minutes before replying. “it may have all been a dream, it must have been. There is just now way that actually happened. Just forget I said anything. It was probably the lack of sleep.”


“Tom it’s ok, I need to get going.” Before he could object she had grabbed her bag and coat and was heading for the door.

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        1. That sounded like I don’t like some of what you’ve written. Let me rephrase. “I can say the same about your writing, of which I have only read some.”

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