I will try to fix you


I have a feeling things will be coming to an end soon,

I know things will be hard for a while,

Don’t worry you know I’m here staring up at the same moon,

It doesn’t matter how long it’s been,

I’m always ready to go the extra mile,

You know some of the things that I’ve seen,

None of them compare with your smile,

If things fall apart,

If you need to mend a broken heart,

I’ll be here to help you heal.

Things wouldn’t be the same,

Time changes us all,

But I promised I’d be there if you fall,

I’ll help pick you up,

Get you back on your feet,

I will try my best,

And try to succeed,

I’ll be the friend that you may need,

No matter what happens,

I’m here until the end.


(Picture from Pinterest)

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