Bath Time

[It’s been a while, but I suddenly got inspired to write this story tonight. I hope you like it.]


Saturdays used to be fun, we would go out to the pub for a few drinks, maybe see a film then come home and have sex for the rest of the night.

But my work changed their opening hours putting an end to all of that, Claire has been working insane hours as well. Working weekends should be banned.

I got home around Seven at night the house was quiet, making my way inside I just want to collapse on the bed and shut my eyes for half an hour.


I wake up to the sound of the bath running and Claire’s hand gently stroking my face, “Alex, wake up.” she says gently.

I look at her and smile. “Hi, you’re home.”

“Yeah I got home an hour ago but wanted to let you sleep,” she says as she leans down and gives me a soft kiss.

“You should have woken me up.”

“Don’t be daft you needed the sleep, besides I’m going for a bath you’re making dinner.”

I smile at her “Sure no problem I’ll go fix something.”

She walks off into the bathroom, I manage to drag myself off the bed, heading for the door when Claire shouts “Alex, can you come in here for a minute please?”

Walking into the bathroom I see Claire, standing next to the giant bathtub that we have, wearing nothing but her underwear and bra, she smiles at me, and I can feel myself getting hard, “Could you unhook my bra for me please?”

Moving up behind her in complete silence, I reach up and swiftly unhook the bra, she lets out a sigh of relief. Reaching up I slide the straps off her shoulders, letting the bra fall to the floor, I run my hand down the length of her back, sending shivers through her body at my touch.

Pulling her hair away from her neck I lean down and start to kiss neck all the way up to her ear, she spins around wraps her arms around my neck pulling me down for a long passionate kiss. I run my hands over her body sliding them into her underwear and grabbing her ass and squeezing it, as I slide the underwear down her long legs, she lifts her foot stepping out of them. I take hold of her leg and start kissing up it.

She bends down and whispers in my ear, “Why don’t you join me? I could use a hand scrubbing my back.”

I quickly strip off my clothes and climb into the bath, Claire jumps in right behind me sitting on my lap her back to me.

I reach out to gather her hair up and drape it over her shoulder, as I start to kiss her neck as my hands start to run down her sides, reaching forward and caressing her breasts.

She arches her back, her head sliding over my shoulder and whispers, “Not yet.” As she takes my hands away from her breasts and gives me a wash cloth.

She looks back at me and with a slight pout “Can you wash my back please?”

I give her a kiss and let out a sigh as I start to wash her back, going slowly at first, making small circles on her back, she lets out a low groan of pleasure and starts to slowly grind her butt against my quickly hardening cock.

Dropping the cloth I start running my hand down her side again, it glides past her hip and down her leg.

Gently I pull her legs apart, giving me access and I start to tease the outside of her pussy, gently running my middle finger up and down her lips.

Claire has a small shudder and a moan, before saying “My Mr Riley, is that a bar of soap you have there or are you just happy to see me?”

Instead of answering her I slip my middle finger into her and start to massage her pussy as I kiss her neck.

She takes in a deep breath as I do this, letting out a moan of pleasure as I slowly start to increase the speed that I slide my finger in and out as my thumb starts circling her clit.

My other hand reaches around cupping her breast, I take her nipple between my fingers giving it a slight squeeze, as I slip in another finger and start to pump furiously at her pussy.

Within a few seconds, I can feel her entire body starts to tremble, and she arches her back as the orgasm burns through her body.

It takes a few seconds for her to come down, panting she grabs the edge of the bath, pulling herself up and reaching behind her grabbing hold of my rock hard cock. She gives it a few strokes before she moves it into position and sits down on me, completely enveloping my cock in her hot, tight pussy.

Having my cock buried deep inside of Claire is the best feeling I’ve ever had.

She starts sliding up and down my shaft, as she lowers herself back down I thrust upwards into her meeting her half way, she arches her back, leaning back and kisses me hard.

My hand slips back in between her legs and plays with her clit and as I fuck her hard.

Claire grabs onto the edge of the bath to keep her balance as I hammer into her sending the water flying all over the bathroom floor.

I wrap my arm around her waist, holding her steady, she lets out a scream as the muscles of her pussy start to spasm wildly around my cock as another orgasm rips through her. I give another few thrusts into her before I can’t take any more and I cum hard deep inside of her with a cry of ecstasy.

We both collapse back into the bath, sending, even more, water flying, panting, both of us trying to catch our breath.

After a moment her hand reaches up, behind my head pulling me down to kiss her.

“I think you will need to wash my back again.” She says with a wicked grin on her face.


Copyright Scottishlegend ©2017



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  1. vinnieh says:

    Very seductive.

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  2. Ohh! Hot stuff! mmm-mmmm!!


    1. Not sure why but this comment went into the spam queue, gald you liked it

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      1. Maybe I was commenting too much??

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        1. No idea but I’ve rescued you from there

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            1. You’re welcome citizen

              fly off, cape flowing behind me

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            2. HAHAHAA! That’s awesome!

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            3. Stands in Superhero Pose

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            4. Yes, that’s exactly what I pictured too.

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            5. Hehe I’ll bet you were 😉

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