Looking for something new.

I have been unemployed since May, and it’s really starting to get to me now, mentally, financially and emotionally.

As anyone who had taking a even a passing glance at my blog will know that for the last few months that I’ve been full time taking care of my daughter.

Its getting to the point now where I’m losing my mind.

The problem is finding a job. There is bugger all out there that I am qualified to do.

I could walk into any call centre job I want, I’ve worked in that industry for 15 years, but I can’t go back to that. I had a complete breakdown last time and I won’t go back to that.

What I want to do I write but everyone knows how hard that is and getting time to do it is a challenge.

So I’m looking at different options.

Today I found a website that you can learn to do coding on.

I’ve never been too enamoured with the idea before but it’s a free course so it’s worth a shot

So, if I can find time, I’m going to give it a try.

Has anyone tried this before? Just curious.


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