Fumbling with my keys in the door, I almost drop the bags of shopping that I am carrying, but I manage to get into the house and out of the sweltering heat.

I quickly put the shopping away, the one thing I want more than anything else right now is a shower, it has been so muggy that I can feel the sweat trickling down my back and I need to clean myself up.

Heading up the stairs, I pull my shirt off, and when I reach the top of the stairs I can hear the shower is already running, a smile creeps across my face as I approach the bathroom door.

Claire is in there showering, the sight of her sexy body is enough to make my cock hard. Kicking off my shoes and dropping my jeans, I step into the shower and wrap my arms around her waist, pulling her close to me and start kissing her neck. “Hi sexy,” I whisper in her ear.

Claire spins around to face me and kisses me, “Welcome home,” she smiles, “How were the shops?”

My hands run down her back, and over her ass, I give it a slight spank, and grab it pulling her closer to me, “Hectic, but I got everything we needed.”


I bend down and kiss her again, pushing her against the cold tiles as I do, she lets out a small yelp as her back connects.

She reaches down with her wet soapy hand and starts stroking my hard cock, her light touch feels amazing as she gently squeezes it and strokes it.

I let out a groan and kiss her harder, I wrap my arms around her, she jumps up wrapping her legs around my waist, taking control of the situation. I press her against the cold tiles again and slowly slide down her body, kissing her neck, down her collar bone, the way that drives her nuts.

I move on to her breasts, giving them equal attention, teasing her nipples, slightly nibbling on them gently as Claire lets out a groan as she runs her fingers through my hair.

I move further down her body until I am kneeling in front of her pussy. Claire parts her legs, and I run my finger along her lips and start teasing her clit.

I can see her legs start to shake, so I grab one of them and put it over my shoulder and bury my face in her glistening pussy. I run my tongue along her lips before plunging my tongue straight in.

The water from the shower thunders down on top of both of us as I do this.

Claire starts moaning loudly begging me to let her cum but I won’t. I start teasing her lips and clit with my tongue again I can feel her body trembling with every touch, but I stop just before she goes over the edge into a full-blown orgasm.

She screams out in frustration as I lower her leg and stand up to face her, kissing her, she wraps her leg around my waist, pulling me into her and my cock slides straight into her pussy.

The feeling is incredible, and I have to hold still for a moment to so that I don’t cum there and then.

Slowly I start to move my hips and thrust into her as she starts to rise up and down on my shaft. With both my hands I grab hold of her ass, lifting her up, as she wraps the other leg around my waist, locking her heels together behind me, pulling me deeper into her.

I slam her against the wall and start pounding into her hard and fast, as she starts bucking wildly on my cock. Neither of us has any control anymore. All we want is each other nothing else matters.

I can feel my orgasm coming, I know I’m not going to last much longer as her body starts to tremble, her fingernails dig into my back, and she bites down on my shoulder trying to stop herself from screaming.

The muscles of her pussy begin to convulse around my cock, her back arches and she bites down harder on my shoulder as an orgasm rips through her body.

The combination of the pain and pleasure is too much for me, and I let go and cum deep inside of her pussy.

My head is spinning, and all I can do is pant, Claire isn’t in much of a better state. She I step back, letting my cock fall out of her pussy, and she collapses to the floor of the shower as the water cascades down on top of her.

Claire smiles up at me “Well, now I have to start all over again and get clean now that you’ve gotten me so dirty.

I help her, shakily, back up to her feet and ask “Want me to wash your back?”

Copyright Scottishlegend ©2017


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    1. Thank you. It had been a while since I wrote one of these stories


  1. Pretty well written. Love the visual imagery you conjure up with your words 😄

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