Pfft… I hate the neighbours


I just had to call the police.

I was sitting here quite happily having a cup of tea watching random things on YouTube when all of a sudden there was a lot of banging and shouting coming from next door.

It sounded like there were about ten people in there trying to kill each other.

I walked up to the front door, and I saw through the glass someone running out of there to one of the other neighbours, and they both ran back into the riot, and things got worse.

With a hell of a lot louder and more banging.

So, I did the only rational thing.

I called the police.

I explained what was going on, didn’t give them my name I’m not that stupid, and then they said they would send someone asap.

I go wake up my wife to tell her what was going on and to make sure the little one was asleep, the last thing I wanted was for her to wake up and hear all the commotion.

Then things started getting worse.

The banging and shouting got louder and looking out the window it looked like they were trying to throw someone down the stairs, so that was me straight back on the phone to the police to get them to get here faster.

I am not concerned about myself, I can handle myself, and I am not stupid enough to go out there to see what was going on, even though I was sorely tempted to.

But what I am concerned about is my wife and my daughter, so I let the police handle it.

They turned up not long after that, and when I called the police back, they said they had also had other calls about it as well.

When they turned up, there was a lot of shouting outside in the close, and they were arguing with the police telling them to fuck off, and it wasn’t their concern, yeah that’s going to help.

And yes, I went old school and had the glass against the door so I could hear better.


Then it went all quiet, and everyone was gone.

Bit of an anti-climax but that’s whats happened tonight.

So safe to say I will be going and reporting this to the landlords tomorrow.

How’s your day/night been?



Picture form Istock

13 thoughts on “Pfft… I hate the neighbours

  1. I hope everything ended up alright! It is so horrific when something violent and disturbing happens to next door to you! It makes you question what you live next, and even the community that you live. It also makes you question, who would step up for you if something like that were to happen in your house. Would anyone come and protect you if there was loud banging in your houses?

    I hope that the police was able to easily resolve the situation. I think that the police gets too much stick for how much work they do to protect everyday people like yourself from dangerous situations like that.


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