Messed up dreams


My head is messed up.

Recently I haven’t been sleeping well, tossing and turning, waking up every hour or so and that’s not just when my little monster is wanting to be fed in the middle of the night. And then there are the dreams.

I have been having some really messed up dreams lately and on Wednesday night was the absolute worst. It is still haunting me, and it really disturbed me, to the point that I woke up feeling scared and very much disturbed.

So here is what happened:

For some reason, we were living in my mum’s house I came home, and there was no one home, but there was a woman there who I ended up having sex with. Shortly after that, the wife came back, and the woman disappeared.

Then I was in the kitchen, and this old hag came through to the kitchen carrying my daughter whose hands were covered in blood, and she was crying. I took her off this hag she said that she was chosen for something I said to the hag “You’re going to have to go through me, hen.”

Then the woman that I had fucked was at the back door threatening to tell everyone what happened then she smiled and the smile kept growing into a demonic grin that was pure evil. I backed up holding the little one close to me until I backed up into the wall.

Then I woke up.


It really fucked me up this dream, and I have no idea who the woman was or the hag I have not seen them before.


So, two days later it’s still playing on my mind, and I really don’t know what to do about it.

It was so real, and it terrified me.

Pfft, I hate my brain


11 thoughts on “Messed up dreams

  1. Sounds like your subconscious felt guilty for cheating in the dream and made the woman an evil punishment and then you’ve got the fear of losing your daughter in there. I don’t know. Dreams can be so messed up. The ones with your kid in them are the worst. Hope you’re sleeping better.

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    1. I there were things before that in the dream before that that also involved the little one but they have faded from my memory I just have the impression that they were bad.
      You could be right about the other things


  2. I hate the way details fade. So vivid its reality then a haze – and you wonder what context and relevance that which has faded might have added, when after what made so much sense doesn’t even come close.


  3. I hear:

    Being vulnerable in a certain situation which brought up fears of that vulnerability being used against you. Fear of helplessness unable to control your situation with those you love.

    The hag, the adulterer… this had nothing to do with sex or infidelity. The blood… these should not be taken literally. They are visual manifestations of the deeper realities within you. Part of you wants to “come clean” or open yourself up while the other self-preserving part wants to stay safe, keeping it hidden. This creates a war within yourself. Those fears come to the surface. I suggest really seeking what it is that you need to let go of, then do it. Open yourself up to the vulnerability.

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      1. Well, there you go, my friend. You know what you need to do. Do it! Fly free from it! It’s shackling you, chaining you, pretending to protect you with it’s tattered leathery wings. It’s not. The only power it has over you is the power you give it.

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