Alone in the dark

[I have mentioned before that I have found a writing group. I went last night and there was an exercise to write a story one line at a time with another person based on the first line, in this case “Alone in the dark” this is what we came up with. It’s not what I would have done on my own but it’s not bad I think. I think I have a penchant for creepy, I Would love some feedback.]


Alone in the dark she sits as the wind rattled against the side of the building
She stood there, not knowing where she was.
Looking around the room, she spots a light coming from inside of the wardrobe
Slowly she walked towards the wardrobe not knowing what she would find in there
Reaching out for the handle, her arms begin to shake as the light inside dies away.
Taking a deep breath, she paused, to consider whiter to run or open the door.
“get yourself together, it’s all in your head” she mumbles to herself as she yanks the door open.
looking into the wardrobe she was surprised to find nothing but an empty void.
Leaning forward into the void, she reaches her hand into it, when something brushes past her leg.
This was accompanied by a blast of cold air that seem to come from the back of the wardrobe
Sending chills running down her spine, she lets out a scream of shock as much as terror as she stumbles back
Looking back at the wardrobe the Light suddenly reappeared, bright but somehow in the distance.
Stealing her nerves, she walks back up to the, now, blinding light emanating. A deep horrifying voice howls “You’re mine now” as a demonic hand grabs her by the wrist and pulls her screaming into the void.

Published by Colin

Hey there, thanks for dropping by. My name is Colin, sometimes I go by the name Scottish Legend. I am 34, married with a beautiful baby girl who is the light of my life. When I grow up I want to be a writer. I have written my first novel and want to try and get it published. One day I'll get there. In the meantime I am spending as much time with my daughter as I can. I've been a stay at home dad for the last year and I have loved every minute of it. I post stories, poetry and rants on here and sometimes heartfelt pieces that I just have to get out. Please feel free to contact me via the contact page and I hope you enjoy my work and life. I look forward to hearing from you If you feel like supporting me by buying a coffee would be appreciated

42 thoughts on “Alone in the dark

            1. Im planning on reading that soon.😊 Right now I got my pc back and am going through it to make sure it’s really fixed. The motherboard was crap so they switched it.

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            2. Hope so, my warranty is up in a few days and it would suck if they didnt really fix it. Next time I’m going with Dell again. Had my old one for 7yrs with no problems at all. Freakin crap electronics!
              Anywho I’m glad to see your getting on with your writer playmates. ☺

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            3. Yes. I get to set my hours around the kids schedule, its too perfect not to. Plus, I havent had a “job” in over ten years. Its about time to get some experience back on my resume. Lol

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