Help. Need to know if this is good

On Saturday night we are going to my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary and as per usual I have been roped into making a speach “on behalf of the grandchildren” it’s always me.

So this is what I’ve written would you be so kind as to give me some feedback on it please?

Cheers Colin

As you all know we are here tonight to celebrate the Sixtieth wedding anniversary for my Gran and Grandad.
It is amazing to think that you have stayed together for all this time without my gran killing you in your sleep for all your ridiculous jokes.
We all have great memories of time spent with you from going on holiday with you to just popping in for a cup of tea and some chat.
Each of us has different memories of our time with both of you, For my sister and I the most prominent would be going on holiday with you to Portugal and the two of us plotting to hide any noise making devices from Grandad so that we could have a chance to wake up naturally.
But for me, the best memory is a lot more recent than that. It was on the 18th of December last year when I got to introduce you to my daughter and your first Great Grandchild. That is something I’ll never forget.
You have always been there for us, and it is an inspiration that you are both still going strong together and, again, that you haven’t killed my grandad in his sleep.
Sixty years is an incredible achievement, even the queen thinks so, all of us are so happy and proud that we have been able to be a part of it.
In this room, there are now Four generations of our family in the room tonight from my grandparents down to my daughter.
Can I ask everyone to raise your glass and have a toast to The Couple of the hour.



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