It’s Friday night, I’m bored, I’m sober and I’m alone.

Anyone want to chat and keep me. Company?


41 thoughts on “Hi

          1. You have 6 hours to get here if you want to switch places… And since chΓ©ri is working until midnight, I can even stay and watch you work if you get here in time… Otherwise, I start again tomorrow at 15h15 my time. That should give you enough time to pack extra underwear and your toothbrush LOL

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            1. Hahaha well it’s at least a 10 hour flight so I am not sure I’d make it even with the time difference.
              So you start at 8.15pm my time. That may be enough time if I can find my toothbrush charger 😜

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            2. 10 hour flight?? Are you flying on the back of a pidgeon? It takes me less than 10 hours of flying to get to Denmark, and Denmark is farther from here than Scotland… Or it WAS about a week ago…. Where did you hide Scotland, Giant?? Wheeeeeeeeere????

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            3. I just don’t want to live there πŸ˜‰

              So how’s the Little One tonight? Do you think she’ll allow you any sleep? You have a long trip coming tomorrow!!

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            4. Well, there would be no point in asking for typical Canadian nuts, right? I can get those whenever I want… Think you can find something Scottish? πŸ˜›

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