Blue Eyes in the Rain


This is a hauntingly beautiful poem/short story you need to read it

And if you aren’t already following Caribou Crossings you should be

Raw Earth Ink

As I hurried ‘round the bend
Of the wooded trail near my home
I came upon her standing there
In the pouring down rain
Her face turned up
Toward the clouded grey sky
I stepped back into the shadows
My eyes could scarce look away as
She stood there absolutely naked
Her arms spread wide
As if the cold drops
Could somehow wash away her
Every doubt and fear
Her every sorrow
Every shed tear
Her hair cascaded down her back
The water saturated her
As I watched from
My hiding place
I saw the soil at her feet
Turn to mud
Still she stood there
A scream suddenly burst from her lips
A howl of such great sorrow that soon
Became a sob
And down she dropped
To her bare knees
Her hands covered her face
Which dropped to her heaving chest
I longed to run…

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