This behaviour is unacceptable. 

I tend to think that I am a fairly tolerant guy.

Live and let live is a big belief of mine.

Do what you want to as long as you aren’t hurting others.

You want to believe in religion have at it.

You’re gay good for you as long as you’re happy.

As long as you aren’t forcing your beliefs on me or anyone else then have at it I don’t mind.

But there are something that I simply cannot tolerate.

The people who do this are wrong, they are illogical, wrong, degraded and down right evil.

There is absolutely no acceptable excuses for these people.

Now this is something I have had to deal with on my own family and it horrified me.

Its an embarrassment and there is no acceptable reason why they are this way.

When I found out I was mad and I made a point of making sure they knew it.

To think this evil is present in my family is unacceptable.

So I put them in their place


14 thoughts on “This behaviour is unacceptable. 

  1. I’m hesitant to ask, as I’m slightly worried that you’ll publicly shame me and possibly block me, but here goes:
    nervous sigh so, is it cool I drink my tea black? I don’t like to taint it’s deliciousness with sweet or milk, just pure yummy tea.
    We cool, here? Is there rage in your eyes?? gulp

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