Can’t they wait? It’s earlier every year. 

Today was a busy but normal, boring day.

Got up this morning, played with the monster, she fell asleep, watched TV, monster woke up, fed her then we went shopping. 

But not just any shopping. The most boring shopping of all. 
Food shopping (DUHN DUN DUMB)

So there goes this week’s money now I’m broke. (dear God I need a job soon.)

So when wandering about the shops, two differnt one I need to make clear these are two competing supermarkets Asda and Tesco. 

Both of them are doing the exact same despicable thing.

Todays date is (was) 21st of October. Halloween is in ten days

So why is there an section IN BOTH SHOPS with this abomination of a set up 

Tesco, Halloween on the left Christmas on the right.

Asda, Christmas on the left Halloween on the right

Seriously? What the hell? 

Why can’t we have Halloween on its own then come the first of November get the Christmas crap up? 

This happens earlier every year it is an utter joke. 

No wonder celebrating halloween is dying out in this country we can’t get anything for it without having Christmas crammed down your throat.

I went into a shop in the beginning of September and they had a giant fucking Santa Claus. 

I hate that it’s infuriating.

On the brightside I did buy these 

Squeee Epic Films.

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  1. Hahaha! I’m the opposite. I despise Halloween. Stupidest holiday ever. I feel like it’s crammed down MY throat LOL. That said, I do agree about the shopping shit showing up earlier and earlier. The other day I went in to a store and there were EIGHT aisles of Christmas. Granted there were ten Halloween right before that but seriously?? I love Christmas. I love the lights (we call them “winter lights” in Alaska because it’s so dark for so long we leave them up for months.) I’m not into “Santa Claus” and all that shit but I do enjoy the spirit of the season. Giving. Cheerful. Lights and colors and annoying music. I think it’s awesome. It’s a family holiday. Which, I don’t have any family but I still get the idea behind it. It’s a joyful time of year to me.

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    1. I like Halloween I’m a big fan of scary and it’s fun. And I like Christmas I just hate all the commercial crap that comes with it and the music got I hate Christmas songs

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