A little help please 

I have to write a short story for tomorrow night. No more than 1500 words for a competition I want to enter but I haven’t got a clue what to write.

I’m looking for ideas can anyone give me some inspiration and I will attempt to get it written for tomorrow night. 
Thank you in advance 

10 thoughts on “A little help please 

            1. Have a childminder who watches the monster. She’s there 3 days a week just now so just add another 2 on.
              I will still write, I’ll probably write more. I tend to write more when I’m in work then when I’m not.

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            2. PS: yesterday I was having a silent rant in my head and I paused and thought, god I wish I could rant to Colin… I bet he’d understand, or better yet, write it down and speak for all of us LOL

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