Trick or Treat 

Pumpkin lanterns and trick or treat,

Small children wandering round the streets,

Wearing costumes Cute and Scary,

Running from parents trying to be wary,

For kids in costumes are all that’s on the prowl,

Ghosts and Goblins are out on the town,

Trying to steal the innocent and take them away,

The monsters lurk in the shadows,

Waiting for the moment to pounce,

To take them away from this world,

To somewhere they are the treats,

Surrounded by shadows they stalk the weak,

Unseen by forces of the strong and the meek,

They will take them away to that land of the dark,

Bringing them nightmares to bring them to their knee,

The doorbell rings,

The creatures wait to pounce,

Their unsuspecting victim makes their way to the door,

The monsters wait in anticipation,

The door swings open and they let loose their war cry,

Trick or Treat,

Grabbing handfuls of sweets they run off in glee,

This is what happens on All Hallows Eve.


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  1. Sets the tone for the day perfectly. Happy Halloween. Have a spooky one 😄


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