What to do? 


You may have noticed, or not, that I have been quiet for a while on here.

Well the truth is I feel like I have nothing left. 

I haven’t got anything to write, my inspiration is gone and I can’t find it anymore. 

So I’m thinking about giving up completely. 

I lost my original inspiration a long time ago and it’s not coming back. 


Not sure many people would bother but I have got nothing left at all. 

So yeah, that’s all I’ve got to say just now. 



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  1. I do not like this. A pause, yes. For good, no! Write! Write anything! Write nothing! Just write!! Whose rants will I read? Whose random thoughts of the moment??

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    1. I haven’t had any ideas and inspiration for a while and what I have written was crap

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      1. Well what you’ve written here has been great. I mean, at least I liked it. Don’t give up! We all go through dry spells but you still have to write. Write something, anything. Gaze into your little girl’s eyes and write what you see. What do you dream for her? What do you Long for for yourself? What’s got you down? What’s missing? What’s extraordinary? Go ahead. Write rubbish. Just keep writing, my friend. The world is a better place because you do and will be lesser if you don’t.


      2. I will quote someone I know:
        “…you beat the monster inside you once, and you are still standing.”
        Seems if she can say that to him, I can say that to you. Don’t let the monster of doubt take over. I know life is hard but we are a community and we all have each other. Stand up, stand strong, square your shoulders and keep writing. 😊

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        1. I’m pretty sure that using my own words against me is cheating.

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          1. LMAO – I don’t remember reading that ANYWHERE in our friendship contract!

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            1. Hmmmm yeah im. Pretty sure that IS cheating. So is using logic

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            2. Hahahaha! Oops! That’s two strikes against me 😳

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            3. Yup. But thankfully I run a multiple strike system. There are more than three or less. Depending on the mood at the time.
              So. You’re ok just now. Even if you cheated 😝

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            4. Does this mean I won the argument??!!

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            5. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
              Never give up. Never surrender

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            6. Wellll. I’m marking this as a win in my book.

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            7. You’re book may be incorrect and inaccurate in that case

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            8. Ha! You wish! I’m exacting and accurate scorekeeper with plenty of annotations for how I arrived at said score. You have only your weak arguments to back you up.
              Face it: I win.

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            9. I’m not sure Thats how this works

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            10. LMAO – keep telling yourself that, Colin. The rest of us all know the truth. Best you just come to terms with it 😉

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            11. Yes everyone knows that I am right.
              You can’t win by cheating 😝😝

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  2. draughtrider says:

    I just accept when the wind doesn’t blow my boat doesn’t move. I might even get out for a quick swim, but I never leave the boat in case the wind picks up again … (I sailed when I was younger, and yes, you do need to stay close to the boat …)

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