Years from now…


One day, far in the future, living life the only way we will know how. Alone.

Both of us will be making our way through the world waiting to see what life will throw at us next.

You, in your world.

Me, in mine.

I’ll be making my way across the courtyard of the shopping centre, heading towards the coffee shop on the corner, just wanting to get out of the cold, maybe I’ll even have the time to sit and write again finally.

You will be doing something similar, making your way towards a place that you find comfortable, to relax, have some time to yourself.

Both of us sitting there thinking about the past, thinking about what we once shared.

It will have been years since we had last spoken, the memories will make us both smile.

Remembering the connection. Remembering the good times. Remembering the love.

Sitting there basking in the memories feeling melancholy.

I’ll finish my drink, head out into the cold, with a sad smile on my face.

You will be finishing up as well, feeling much the same way.

The years won’t have been easy for either of us, life is hard, but you are a strong and willful woman,

And me? Well, I’m a fighter. I scraped my way through life taking blow after blow. I have been knocked down more times than I can count, but I always got back up.

I had to get up, there was no other choice.

So off I will walk into the cold and the wet.

Leaving those memories behind me.

You will walk off as well, with a smile in your heart and a name on your lips.

The walk does me good, it helps me clear the cobwebs, I will have changed so much since you knew me.

You will walk along the street, and you will see something in the distance.

I will stop on the corner, debating if I should light my last cigarette or not.

I quit years ago, but I still carry that last one with me.

I will finally cave, pull out my lighter, just as I am about to light it a voice comes to me “Those things will kill you, you know.”

I will lower the lighter, closing the cap, that’s when I realise.

The voice wasn’t in my head.

I will turn to see you standing next to me, standing in the pouring rain.

And a smile will cross my lips, “Cass?”

5 thoughts on “Years from now…

  1. kirascribbled says:

    Not sure how I missed this jem.. It’s absolutely beautiful and so sad in a lovely way. I think this would be perfect for the project. Its written in first person too which will make it easier to read out. Yes, yes! Two thumbs up. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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