It’s a weird thing to miss. 


You know I haven’t really thought about this before, until tonight.

I stopped smoking back in May when I lost my job and I have been using a vape since then

And tonight I realised the one thing I really miss about smoking

I miss the Angry Cigarette.

When having an argument you can angrily smoke a cigarette, the is a ritual to it. You angrily pull it out of the pack, the lighter can be therapeutic, especially a zippo the noise they make is satisfying.

Then you can use the process of taking a draw and exhaling the smoke can be used to emphasise your point.

You can’t do any of that with a vape it really doesn’t have the same impact.

This is the first time since I have stopped smoking that I really want to one.

Random I know.


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  1. The “Angry Cigarette” – lol. Nice.

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  2. the angry cigarette. nice. Vape isn’t great for you either though

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