One small step….

So last night I said that I was going to try and post more on here than I have been. Now while as per usual I haven’t had time to write anything I do have something to report.

Tragically the little one is still sick with an ear infection and is fighting us every time that we try to give her, her medicine so that is a fun screaming match three times a day and it genuinely breaks my heart hearing her like that.


Also, the wife is sick as well sounds like she has the flu and a chest infection, which is helpful.

So anyway the real news. Tonight when watching Pixar’s new film Coco, which is emotionally devastating on a par with the first 9 minutes of Up, the midget took her first steps.

She was sitting in the middle of the floor then stood up holding bear (her blanket with a bears head on it, that she can’t go anywhere without) in her outstretched arms she walked about six or seven shuffle steps towards the wife to get picked up.

I have never been more proud, and slightly annoyed she walked towards the wife and not me, but I am so happy I didn’t miss it.

Then watching the end of Coco had me tearing up a couple of times tonight.



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  1. ohmygod I love this post.

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  2. Oh my she grew quick and sooo stinkin cute!

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    1. Colin says:

      She is far too cute for her own good and smart. That was her having pineapple for the first time


  3. Cyranny says:

    Awww… One small step for The Little One, but one giant leap towards ruling the world!! 🙂 She knows she’ll have to stop getting cutter someday, right? Master of the universe or not, there’s just so much beauty one can manage to see, if she doesn’t take a break, people will die from her over-cuteness LOL xx

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    1. Colin says:

      Oh I’ve told her that she needs to stop getting cuter all the time.
      She wasn’t having it.
      She just looked at me shook her head and said “no”

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      1. Cyranny says:

        Intelligent, cute as hell and a girl with attitude… She’s going to be dangerous! 😉

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        1. Colin says:

          What do you mean going to be? She already is. She is way to smart for her own good and she knows how to get her way

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          1. Cyranny says:

            Yes, but you haven’t let her loose yet 😉

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            1. Colin says:

              This is true.

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