Why does this child hate sleep? I love sleep.

It was fun while it lasted.
One night. Only one night that’s all I get.
One full night’s sleep.
That’s, apparently, now all that I’m allowed to get. I think I’ve had two hours sleep.
As I write this it is currently 04.55 and we have been up since 3am.
Midget started crying I picked her up all she wanted was to be held so I sat with her in my arms for half an hour and every time I want to put her back in bed she cried and kicked until I picked her up.

Now I am sitting in the living room with her as she stands at the kitchen door banging on it and shouting.

We have to be up again in 2 hours. So yeah i don’t think I’m getting any sleep.

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  1. god I remember those days. Mine didn’t sleep until she was three. Right around her third birthday she slept for the first time for seven whole hours. It was amazing. Have you tried letting her sleep in your bed with you? That very well could solve the issue. At least maybe try it?


  2. Ratty-Catty says:

    https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsI know the feeling, my step granddaughter is ill, I haven’t slept in days. But on the plus side I know all her favourite movies word for word!


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