What a complete waste of time today has been.

It is only just gone past 11am but already a stupid pointless morning.

At 11am I was scheduled in for a telephone interview for a call centre job (which I really, really don’t want to have to go back to. Anyone who has been around my blog long enough knows why), so I got myself prepared.

In order to get peace and quiet to take the interview I came around to my mum’s house to sit in the kitchen away from everyone, the wife at home with the midget as if I was in, even up the stairs, I would not get any peace from the midget to do the interview

Here I am sitting in the kitchen, a cup of tea made, laptop set up so I can look up anything I don’t know that they may ask and a pack of tissues since I’m choked with the cold.

Eleven am comes around and right on the dot they call, which I have to admit impressed me as these people usually call a few minutes later. But there at bang on 11 my phone rang.

So here is me sitting already to fake my way through an interview to get a job I don’t want (now bear in mind then this has already been rescheduled from last Monday to today) when all of a sudden I’m put on hold and the person on the other end of the call comes back and tells me that the job has been “put on hold”


So yeah waste of time


  1. cariboucrossingsak says:

    Okay. 1) Is it bad when I see the Rant come up in my feed that I smile and rub my hands together knowing I’m in for something good? 2) This is really annoying. I don’t like waste of any kind. And time, when you’re sick, no less, is the worst. 3) maybe it IS a sign that this one’s not meant for you… soooo blessing in disguise??

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  2. Cyranny says:

    Oh geez. I am sorry to read this, Colin. This must be terribly frustrating and nothing I could say will make things less irritating, but I am sending a virtual punch in the throat to the person who put the job on hold without letting you know earlier! With this said, I think like the two Ladies before me… Nothing happens without a reason, and I hope it will mean a much more satisfying job coming your way!



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