Finding new music

Last night I was having a chat with some friends of mine on Discord. We had a voice chat open as one of my friends and his wife were doing an online gig. Now these two are incredibly talented and I hope to high hell that they make it big one day. You should all take a minute to check them out here is the link to their sound cloud


Anyway during the gig last night they played a song that really spoke to me it was one that I have never heard of before but is apparently quite well known and popular

That’s be me, the inscrutable philistine who doesn’t follow music.

This song really hit me, there are a few here that know my back story so listening to this song you will understand why it spoke to me.

I hope you like it

Lady Antebellum- Need You Now (I’ve never heard of her before)


4 thoughts on “Finding new music

  1. Oh my…. sigh
    Yeah I totally get why it spoke to you… I “knew” the song, but I honestly hadn’t paid attention to the lyrics… One to put in the playlist with the Lukas Graham tune.


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