It has been a trying day.

And here we are entering the home stretch I have now been awake for around 37ish hours.

Last night I got to bed and had been asleep for about an hour when all of a sudden, the little one started choking. I ran got her out of bed picked her up, and she vomited all over me. nice

Then we came down the stairs got her changed out of the jammies she was wearing and gave her a drink.

Cue another round of vomit.

Repeat this cycle a few more times and me being puked on 8 or 9 times.

The thing is after she was done being sick and a few minutes later she was back to her happy smiley self. Running about, squealing and laughing.

She cuddled into me on the couch, and we sat there, all night dozing on the couch, she curled up in my arms, my head lolling from side to side trying to stay awake.

This went on until 7.20am when she finally fell asleep and, properly fell asleep, and I got her back to bed.

There was no point in me going to bed at this point as I had to call to get a doctors appointment when they opened, and in a couple of hours, I had to get up and go sign on at the job centre.

(the interesting fact they told me AFTER I came into the office I could have called them said my daughter was ill and they would have let me off with having to go in. Thanks for that)

So she woke up at ten past ten and we went to go sign, and she seemed fine. So we were playing in the living room she was running around, there was this awful smell.

She had what could only be described as Super Diarrhoea. How is it possible to crap through 5 layers (nappy, vest, t-shirt, jeans and hoodie?), so that meant only one thing.


Yeah, that was fun. She was running about bare aresed, peed on my carpet and had some, let’s just say, residue on her.

So I got her washed and dressed again, gave her a cuddle, and she fell asleep again.

Two hours later got her up and dressed, in apparently what turned out to be jammies, [I seriously can’t tell them apart from her clothes at times] then off to the doctor.

I was puzzled as to what was wrong with her as she seemed absolutely fine the rest of the time.

So off to the doctor we went. She was very well behaved with the doctor he was pleased with her but said she has viral gastroenteritis. (thank you google for the spelling of that) and all we can do is let it run its course.

So after the doctors, my mum took her for a couple of hours so that I could get some sleep.

That didn’t really work out I had a restless sleep for a few hours then the wife came home, and my mum dropped off the little one.

She was asleep again when I got up but not for long.

We had dinner, and she wouldn’t eat anything the out of nowhere everything she had had that day came up again, and it had all curdled in her stomach.

The smell was horrific.

I finally got her to sleep about an hour ago, and she’s sleeping peacefully. Hopefully, she will stay that way, and I can get a couple of hours sleep.

So, yeah, it’s been a rough day.

How has your day been?

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  1. Suddenly my day looks just about perfect.

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  2. Usually these things are no more than two days. Poor girl. I hope you report that your night was uneventful. 😷

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    1. Colin says:

      She was up a bit at the back of 4 but no sickness yet so yay


        1. Colin says:

          Yep. Looks like the worst of it is over


  3. That sounded pretty hectic. I hope she’s okay now.

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    1. Colin says:

      She’s getting there thanks


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