Wanna Chat?

I have been thinking of setting up a Discord Server where people can come hangout and have a chat with me and anyone else who would be intrested in chatting.

it would be open 24/7 all would be welcome as long as you dont act like an arese you will be more than welcome.

this is just a quick thing to ask if anyone would be interested in this so that we could all have a bit of fun and a chat

let me know if you’d want to be involved.

13 thoughts on “Wanna Chat?

  1. okay…without reading beyond the first sentence I had to sneak in a ask a question…you probably answered it but I am in a grand rush and the hubby is waiting for me to shut down the computer..if you have a DISCORD thingy…won’t people argue?

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  2. okay I am back…so do I have to argue or can I argue when I FEEL like arguing? this is an important part of information that I feel we should all know before attempting any discord connections….can i babble? this is also important. Do I HAVE to talk to whomever is there or can I just slink in and quietly listen? No, I really don’t THINK I can do that but I need to know if it is possible. Do I have to speak french…because…you do know….I don’t really SPEAK it at all I can just sometimes translate Cyranny’s poetry into amazing English poetry…….Am I asking too many questions? nevermind, don’t answer that one.


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