I am slowly conquering the world.

I was creeping about my stats just now and I got to thinking about something that my good friend Cyranny said before on her excellent blog The Cove. (if you haven’t dropped by the cove I recommend you do because you will always find a warm welcome and a good laugh along with some incredible stories/poems.)

Now what she had said before was with regards to Stats and how she doesn’t focus on numbers but instead is more concerned with collecting flags.

Now sad to say I do tend to get fixated on the numbers, I like seeing how many people visit my little corner of the internet. It always makes me feel humbled to see how many people read what I write.

So today I decided to focus on the world map that shows up on the stats, and I was delighted to discover that I have almost conquered the world.




With that in mind, I felt like showing my map as it is at present

World Map.jpg

This is my way of conquering the world.

But soon you will all bow before your future ruler.



Just look at that face you can’t deny she will one day rule you all.

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