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A few weeks ago, I posted on here that not only have I been out of work since May, and my wife got made redundant at the beginning of January, the company she worked for went into administration. Leaving us up shit creek without a paddle.

I had to make a compromise with a promise I made myself a couple of years ago. That promise was “I will never go back to working in a call centre.”

But desperate times call for desperate measures. So, with a heavy heart, and a questionable worry about what it may do to my mental health, I applied for a job working for a company that I worked for previously, so I know that they are the least worst of all the available options.

Thankfully we were thrown a lifeline, and my wife was called by her former boss (where she worked before going on maternity leave), and he begged her to go back for a lot more money and responsibility than she had before.

Of course, she took it, so now the pressure was off, and I didn’t have to go back to working in a godforsaken call centre.

But by this point I had already submitted my application, I had gone through the application process, and they called me last week to go through a telephone interview.

Now like I said I worked for this company many years ago for this particular job, plus since then I have had over 15 years of experience working in the industry, so I figured that it would be easy enough to get the job.

On Saturday I went through with the phone interview. I gave it my best shot, thinking that even if I am offered the job, I don’t necessarily need to take it.

So, I must admit that I was a little shocked when I got an email telling me that I had been unsuccessful, and they wouldn’t be taking my application further.

How? What the hell else could they be looking for?

Now don’t get me wrong I am not overly bothered about not getting the job, as I didn’t really want it to begin with. But I am perplexed as to why they have decided not to take the application further.

Ah well, onwards and upwards I guess.

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  1. Easter Ellen says:

    I would think that they see you as “overqualified”.

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    1. Colin says:

      This is possible thanks

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  2. Cyranny says:

    At least, you won’t have to go back to that call center…. There’s always a good side to things happening!

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    1. Colin says:

      Yeah but the fact that i got this exact same job when i was 19 and had no experience but now a couple of years later (don’t look at me like that) i have a lot more experience in the industry and i get knocked back, that makes no sense

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      1. Cyranny says:

        Along the years, I’ve learnt that there are a lot of things in life that we’ll just never understand… I’m sorry you didn’t make it, but I believe there is a reason you didn’t get the job. Maybe so you wouldn’t have to go through the trouble of working in an environment you hate, or because there’s something better coming… You’ll see, over time 🙂

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  3. It’s just further confirmation that it’s not the right thing for you, my friend!

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  4. There is always something positive in a failure….may be that train would not have taken you to your desired destination …

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