Sneaking Through The Darkness [Poem]

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The darkness spreads across the land,

Creeping and covering all that it encounters,

All that is keeping me safe is the match in my hand,

The traps ahead are going to be hard to counter.

Sneaking through the darkness,

Marking my movements against the memory of this place,

Making my way through the rubble and the mess,

I can see my prize as I close in on the enemy base.

The sound of blood starts rushing through my ears,

The mission with which I have I have been entrusted,

It’s almost over, I’m almost there, but wait what’s that I hear?

Ignoring all distractions, I see the crown which is jewel encrusted.

The light comes on exposing my presence,

“What do you think you are doing?”

I was reaching for my target and lost my balance,

“I’ll ask again, what are you doing?”

Hanging my head in shame,

My midnight raid has been a bust,

I know that I will have to take the blame.

She takes the crown as I look on with lust.

“I can’t believe you’d sneak in here so late.”

I watch the crown as she rips it in half,

“You didn’t need to sneak in to steal my Chocolate.”

She tosses me half, we both sit in the kitchen and laugh.

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