I won an award.

Last night I went to an awards ceremony. I had no idea why I was going, I didn’t know why I was invited or what I was nominated for. So I went along, being pretty clueless, and it turns out that I was nominated because I had published my first book on kindle. I got […]

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Closing the Door [poem]

When you close the door on the past, You move forward to the future, You never know how long the peace will last, Closing the door is hard, Letting go of what you thought was your true path, Part of that path will always linger, Wondering what could have been, But the future isn’t set, […]

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Taking the plunge

As some of you know I’ve been working on a Sci-Fi adventure novel set in the aftermath of an alien invasion and is about one man’s quest to to travel across the world to save the one person left alive that he cares about and save her from the aliens holding her captive. I’ve been […]

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I’m Not Running Anymore

Originally posted on Poet's Corner:
Submitted by  Colin . The wind howled through the trees, making the branches creak and groan, the moon is fighting to shine through the clouds, but it’s a losing battle, There is no light to shine my path, Running from the past, Moving towards the future, But I can’t…

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